How can i support the project?

Donate money

You can support our project financially. Everything is welcome, be it a single donation or a standing order. Regular donations lead to planning security and help us with the medium and long term planning of the project development. Through your contribution we can carry on this valuable work and give hope to those in need. With every donation you are helping to give Nigerian children the chance of a life without poverty and hunger.

This is what your donation brings about:

  • with 10€ you ensure that all pupils can get a warm meal

  • with 50€ we can buy soap, toiletries and cleaning products for one term (about 3 months)
  • with 120€ you cover the salary of one teacher for a month
  • with 500€ you cover the salaries of all non-pedagogical staff (janitor, school bus driver, school cook, cleaning personnel) 

Bank account

You can also donate through a transfer. If you wish for a charitable donation certificate, please include your address in the column ‘reason for payment’. We will gladly send you this certificate so that you can take your donation into account for tax purposes.


Bank: Sparkasse Neckartal-Odenwald

IBAN: DE19 6745 0048 1001 1510 16


Donations in kind

  • It doesn’t always have to be money. We want to go on equipping the school and are looking for different materials for the operation of the school. Currently we are needing
  • Kitchen utensils for the practical lessons in housekeeping
  • Storybooks in English
  • Sports equipment (balls, badminton rackets, etc.) 

Lending a helping hand

Everyone may come here and help us. Guests are always welcome at Hope Eden. There are several guesthouses on the premises that can be rented individually.

While living there, you can actively take part in what is happening.

Those who do not like to travel on their own can join a group of like-minded people. Group trips in the form of assistance operations take place regularly and are organised by our partner Global Aid Network (GAiN) in Germany. If you are interested and want to know more, please contact Jens Winter.


Longer stays are also possible. We are in need of qualified educators and pedagogues. The placement and support of volunteers is organised by Campus für Christus e.V. in Germany. Those who are interested in spending time at Hope Eden as a volunteer can contact Janine Mac Evoy.