Sun instead of gasoline

Since April 2016 we no longer need additional generators for the power supply for the school!

During a solar energy workshop in February 2015, Uwe and Beate Buchwitz, experts when it comes to solar energy (especially in tropical surroundings), analysed the different solar systems of Hope Eden. The results showed that the solar energy system of the school had to be redesigned and newly dimensioned.


Consequently, we decided to invest in an advanced and high-quality solar energy system. The existing solar panels were integrated into the new system, the faulty batteries and inverter were replaced, and the option was created for controlling the system, from Germany, via the Internet. In general, the system is designed in a way that allows for the addition of new features easily and relatively cheaply.

 We invested 15.000€ into this system and are confident that the funding gap of 6.000€ will soon be filled. Investing into this project not only improves the learning conditions significantly, but is, at the same time, ecological and sustainable. We would be very happy if further sponsors contributed to the remaining costs.

Who wants to help us?